Published: Fri, April 21, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

Atlus Registers Domains Likely Linked To Persona 5

Atlus Registers Domains Likely Linked To Persona 5

The possibility comes from a number of domain registrations that Atlus recently made in preparation for Persona 5 spin-offs.

Now, we have no leads on any of these. Since the game is already enormously popular, the possibility of spin-offs like the Persona 4 Arena games and Persona 4: Dancing All Night might have a similar amount of success with Persona 5. Also included are Persona-Dance, P3D and PQ2. The company previously milked the "Persona 4" series with several spinoff games such as "Persona 4 Golden", "Persona 4 Arena" and "Persona 4: Dancing All Night".

Persona 5 released in the west at last earlier this month, and went on to become one of the highest rated games of the year, and the generation, immediately upon release.

Again, keep in mind that these are like trademark registrations, perhaps even less so, in that domain name registrations doesn't confirm the game will happen, but it's always fun to speculate, right? That said, despite extremely strong competition, Persona 5 still feels like it has the strongest shot at the title, simply because of how it perfects both the JRPG formula, and the various traits that have endeared Persona to so many over the years.

P5U is a little obscure. Persona 4's other spinoffs include a pair of fighting games, Arena and Arena Ultimax. They posted their findings on Twitter, noting that some of these websites list Persona or are likely related to the series. This may just be an extra pick up for redirecting.

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