Published: Fri, April 21, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

FBI Increases Reward to $20000 to Find Joseph Jakubowski

FBI Increases Reward to $20000 to Find Joseph Jakubowski

"Whether it's the president or whether it's local officials or whether it's law enforcement, he basically has a dislike for anyone that has authority or governmental power", Spoden said at an April 7.

The sheriff's office said that "hundred and fifty local, state and federal law enforcement officers" had been deployed in the search and that federal authorities were looking into leads related to Jakubowski outside of the state.

Joseph Jakubowski, 32, is suspected of stealing firarms from a gun store after mailing a 161-page manifesto to President Trump. The country sheriff's office said the manifesto included anti-religious views, prompting an increase in patrols near churches.

One church, Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Sun Prairie, canceled its services Sunday after a man who looked like Jakubowski came and asked questions about the church, NBC reported.

Police believe Jakubowski stole a large quantity of handguns and rifles form the store in Janesville, 70 miles southwest of Milwaukee Tuesday night. Investigators have followed up on about 320 leads and have 50 remaining that need to be resolved, according to the release. His vehicle was later found on fire nearby, but Jakubowski remains at large.

The "highly agitated" 32-year-old Jakubowski is still at large, and is said by police to be "armed and risky".

Jakubowski "has been highly agitated recently regarding a variety of political issues" and had specifically threatened to use weapons to target government officials or "an unspecified school", the department said in a statement reported by The New York Times.

Janesville Police Chief David Moore said his department has also had multiple run-ins with Jakubowski over the years. Authorities say he has acquired a bulletproof vest and helmet.

Authorities are urging the public to call with information on his whereabouts but are warning people not to approach him. Spoden said the suspect had written a 161-page long anti-government manifesto, which he had mailed to the White House.

Police said he was known to officers and had previously been imprisoned for trying to disarm a police officer. He stands roughly 5-foot-10-inches tall, with green eyes and brown hair.

The FBI has offered a cash reward for anyone who has further information leading up to Jakubowski's capture.

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