Published: Fri, April 21, 2017
Culture | By Stewart Greene

Fox stock holds steady following O'Reilly firing

Fox stock holds steady following O'Reilly firing

O'Reilly's firing came less than three weeks after The New York Times reported that O'Reilly and Fox had over the course of the past 15 years, paid out almost $13 million to settle five cases of sexual and other harassment against the host.

"Bill and I did not see eye to eye on - anything", Colbert said during his Late Show monologue.

The network spent several million dollars to buy the silence of O'Reilly's accusers - but apparently, that money could have been better spent on paying the political pundit's astounding exit fee!

On The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon also took visible pleasure in O'Reilly's departure. "I think that that was a big turning point, and I think that the advertisers understood that it would not go well with the public if in fact they continued to advertise on the show".

One of Bill O'Reilly's accusers says she felt triumphant when the Fox News Channel host was sacked following an investigation into claims of harassment by women.

O'Reilly learned from his attorney that he was being dismissed on Wednesday, as he was in a vehicle in Rome with his family heading to the airport to fly back to the US from vacation.

"Corporate culture there obviously has to change".

Over the course of "The O'Reilly Factor", which has aired since 1996, the nightly news show generated $500 million in revenue for Fox News and was one of the most profitable shows on cable television.

"By ratings standards, he is", Colbert admitted. "By moral standards, he was a self-righteous landfill of angry garbage", Colbert said. This is somebody who has a serious allegation of rape from Juanita Broaddrick, serious allegations of sexual harassment and groping and all of that sort of thing from Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones.

"And then 12 months in therapy to de-bloviate myself". That's because O'Reilly signed a new contract right before being ousted.

Finally, the real Colbert returned and joked: "In case you're a fan of sexual harassers who are on TV all the time, we still have Donald Trump". You didn't deserve him.

"All [O'Reilly] ever did was have your back". Men or other women who know a colleague is being harassed should stand by them as they report it.

The fact that Fox News and the USA conservative movement basically invented each other and flourished together these past two decades is also meaningful in this mess.

About 70 percent of women who experience workplace sexual harassment do not report it, for fear of retaliation. "But that's the country we live in now".

"Stay strong papa bear", he said faking tears.

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