Published: Fri, April 21, 2017
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France's Macron has call with Obama ahead of election

France's Macron has call with Obama ahead of election

Former President Barack Obama called current French presidential frontrunner Emmanuel Macron today, and it was frankly adorable. The two top vote-getters on Sunday will advance to the May 7 presidential runoff.

AP published a photo of Cheurfi and said it had obtained a police document showing that his family address, in the eastern Paris suburb of Chelles, was raided on Friday morning.

The men, both French, are "suspected of wanting to commit, in an imminent way, a violent action on the eve of the French presidential election", the minister said.

A day after a terrorist shooting left one policeman dead on the landmark avenue, three of the four main candidates canceled campaign plans and made declarations on tackling terror.

It's hard to imagine Obama will be making a call to Marine Le Pen anytime soon.

With less than 5 days to go before the vote, Marine Le Pen's odds of winning the overall election (both rounds) have fallen further to 23.64%.

The 26-year-old says, "We saw Trump, we saw I'm mistrustful".

Crowds danced on a Paris plaza as Socialist presidential candidate Benoit Hamon held what is seen as a last-chance rally and concert.

Hamon's near-irrelevance in the election's closing stages, with his poll numbers in freefall, presented Socialist electors with the dilemma of whether to "vote utile" - cast a useful vote for a candidate likely to make the second round - or waste it on Hamon's apparently doomed campaign.

President Francois Hollande hailed the "remarkable" arrests and the work of police.

Far-right French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen said on Wednesday that the French colonisation and occupation of Algeria achieved many positive gains for the country, claiming that Algerians with good-will recognise this, Turkish state-owned Anadolu Agency reported.

Macron's relative lack of government experience made some voters hesitant about putting him in charge of France's nuclear arsenal, its permanent seat at the U.N. Security Council, its fight against Islamic extremism and its role as a key player in global crises.

"This enormous army in the shadows who want us to live in not a fatality", she told the cheering crowd. Le Pen has also recently proposed an immediate moratorium on legal immigration, and the recall of military reservists to enforce France's borders.

The Oxford Institute said that while the biggest proportion of postings in France concerned moderate candidate Emmanuel Macron, who has done well in polls, "highly automated accounts" have "occasionally generated large amounts of traffic about" conservative Francois Fillon. With eurospectics Le Pen and Melenchon in the race, the outcome could have a bearing on France's place in Europe.

Macron would win a head-to-head contest against National Front chief Le Pen, the poll showed.

Independent centrist Macron met Wednesday with the head of leading French Muslim group CFCM, Anouar Kbibech, just ahead of Sunday's presidential election first round.

Le Pen has said she would extend the law banning "ostensible" religious signs to the streets of France.

Le Pen, who wants to withdraw France from the European Union and do away with the euro currency, defended her decision to force national news network TF1 to take down the EU flag during an interview Tuesday night.

French Left party leader and candidate for the 2017 French presidential election Jean-Luc Melenchon arrives to attend a television debate at French national television France 2, in Saint Cloud, outside Paris, Thursday, April 20, 2017.

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