Published: Fri, April 21, 2017
Business | By Max Garcia

May wins Parliament vote to hold snap elections on June 8

Ms May, Britain's second female prime minister, also has strong popular support for her handling of the political natural disaster unleashed by Brexit.

"That's why we will prove the establishment experts wrong and change the direction of this election - because the British people know that they are the true wealth creators, held back by a system rigged for the wealth extractors".

Britain will go to the polls on June 8 after MPs cleared the way for an early general election in a House of Commons vote praised by Theresa May as "the right decision" in the national interest.

She said that "Brexit isn't just about the letter that says we want to leave".

She said a general election will provide Britain with five years of strong and stable leadership to see the country through its negotiations with the European Union to make sure "we are able to make a success of the European Union referendum result". May has got a very strong lead in the polls at the moment, but anything can happen from now until June 8. "I am stepping down from the House of Commons - for now", he wrote in a letter to his constituents.

Mrs May has argued a fresh mandate would strengthen her hand in Brexit talks and provide certainty for the future.

Labour would "bankrupt the country and weaken our defences", she warned.

Meanwhile Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood, whose profile received a boost in the 2015 broadcasts, said: "Theresa May should be empty chaired if she doesn't show up to any planned TV debates". UKIP does not have a single MP in parliament, however they get quite a significant share of the vote across the country and I think the PM wants to sweep up a large share of that vote.

According to analysts, voters could give Europhile politicians a boost in Britain's upcoming election but the effect will be limited and the prospect of a grand alliance to soften Brexit is improbable.

Speaker John Bercow had to intervene as the shouts from the Labour benches intensified.

Technically, there are now only two ways to call early elections. The color blue is associated with the Conservative Party. "This is a Prime Minister who promised that there wouldn't be one".

Previously she had played down the possibility of an early election, and no poll was due until 2020.

The bold move took even Cabinet members by surprise, having been kept a closely guarded secret between a handful of the premier's closest allies and aides.

Mrs May indicated that Conservative candidates will be expected to sign up to her election manifesto in full, putting pressure on remaining Europhiles within her party to toe the line.

Labour's former, Home Secretary, Alan Johnson announced he would not be seeking re-election.

Only the chief whip Gavin Williamson and Conservative Party chairman Sir Patrick McLoughlin are believed to have been in on the secret for more than a few days, as they had to start making preparations.

THERESA May has called a General Election in the interests to the Tory Party not the country, Nicola Sturgeon has said.

During a special debate in theHouse of Commons, she said it was the "right and responsible" thing to do hold the election now to provide "five years of stability and certainty" and help the United Kingdom prepare for life outside the EU.

The comments came after European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker spoke to Mrs May on the phone following her election announcement yesterday.

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