Published: Fri, April 21, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

Phone sign-in for Microsoft accounts is here (iOS & Android)

Phone sign-in for Microsoft accounts is here (iOS & Android)

Microsoft has released a new task management app called To Do which can help users stay organised by keeping tab on their everyday tasks. Specifically, Microsoft said, "Once we are confident that we have incorporated the best of Wunderlist into To-Do, we will retire Wunderlist". But this is not an indication for the Wunderlist app to last parallel with To-Do.

Just yesterday Google announced that its Groups was being added to the Outlook mail app, and today, Microsoft is back with yet another announcement. You can check this calendar on or any Outlook app, and this looks like a very welcome feature overall. There is an intelligent Suggestions feature that provides you automated suggestions based on the upcoming items or your old lists. Tapping the "Approve" notification unlocks the phone. It is developed by the team behind popular task manager Wunderlist app, which was acquired by Microsoft in 2015 from 6Wunderkinder. Microsoft went through similar troubles when it started moving things from the Sunrise calendar app it acquired into Outlook's calendar.

But early reviews for the app suggest that for some people Wunderlist was just fine.

Microsoft soon will be adding Groups support in Outlook e-mail clients for users of Android, iOS and Mac devices.

Currently, there are certain fallbacks in the To-do app and is not a flawless replacement yet for the Wunderlist users. Finally, the latest version of Office Online Service includes accessibility checkers for all applications, helping to ensure that documents created in them are accessible to people of practically all ability levels.

Microsoft released an Android version of Microsoft Solitaire Collection that has all these features. Also, list sharing is not possible in the To-Do.

Certain sources from the Microsoft give an indication that the app might also support integrations with the Amazon Alexa.

To activate this feature, launch the Cortana app on your Android device, tap the user icon in the upper-right corner, tap "Settings", and tap "Sync notifications". There was no timeline given, nor exactly what features or even how numerous features from Wunderlist would make it into To-Do, though.

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