Published: Fri, April 21, 2017
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Richard Simmons addresses fans in Facebook statement

Richard Simmons addresses fans in Facebook statement

"I reached out and I hope you will too", Simmons wrote. "I'm sure I will be feeling good and back home in a couple of days".

Simmons, who has not been seen publicly since February 2014, made the decision to go to the hospital on Monday after having stomach problems, his manager, Michael Catalano, told PEOPLE.

The eccentric exercise fanatic's health has become a hot topic of speculation of late, thanks to posts on the podcast Missing Richard Simmons.

"This has reminded me that when you need help you can't be afraid to reach out and ask for it". It is not always possible for people to solve problems themselves as "sometimes it's [the problems] just bigger than we are".

Simmons was in the hospital earlier this week because of stomach issues.

Just a few short weeks ago, Catalano reportedly stated Simmons had just signed a profitable deal with Prominent Brand + Talent - a move signaling the star may soon be emerge in the spot light again.

Keeping up the positive vibes, he gave his fans a shoutout: "Just knowing you care has already made me feel better". Simmons and his Swarovski crystal-studded tank tops were so visible for so many years, it was tough not to notice his "disappearance", which led to several odd rumors (like that he was being held captive by a witch doctor) and a podcast centered around tracking him down. "Hope to see you again soon!" he concluded. His manager Michael Catalano informed ABC News about Simmons's decision to seek medical treatment yesterday based on "the advice of the people around him". The company has acquired exclusive rights to represent Simmons for merchandising, endorsements and licensing opportunities.

Last month, the LAPD visited Simmons home to investigate whether or not he really was being held against his will-finding no evidence that sparked suspicion or concern.

'But it is yet to be determined, I would say'.

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