Published: Fri, April 21, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

Tories lead over Labour reaches 24 points in latest poll

Tories lead over Labour reaches 24 points in latest poll

Britain will go to the polls on June 8, after MPs cleared the way for an early general election.

Britain will also not have a say in the future location of London-based European Union agencies, he added, contradicting one United Kingdom official who said this week that the issue would be part of the Brexit negotiations.

The region's MPs unanimously backed the Prime Minister in her successful bid to force an early general election.

May wasted no time, going from the vote in Parliament to kick off her campaign with a speech in to supporters northwestern England.

She said the Conservatives would provide "strong and stable leadership" for Brexit and beyond, and promising to wage "a positive and optimistic campaign".

Britain's next national election is now scheduled for 2020, a year after the scheduled completion of two years of European Union exit talks.

May stunned the country on Tuesday when she announced her plan for an early vote, despite having repeatedly said she would wait until the next election scheduled in 2020.

"That would be in nobody's interest", May said.

Now that lawmakers have approved the election, Parliament will be dissolved at midnight on May 2, 25 working days before election day. "The British people voted previous year to leave the European Union".

Despite Corbyn's bravado, his party is demoralized and divided under his left-wing leadership and is expected to fare badly.

He said: "I think she had little choice because so many parliamentarians have not accepted the referendum result and are seeking to reduce her ability to secure a good deal for Britain - and really I think in the hope of forcing a change of mind from the British public".

Three weekend opinion polls put the Conservatives about 20 points ahead of Labour, and if translated into votes, this could give May an "election landslide" with a majority of more than 100, according to an analysis by The Times.

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said that, for May, calling the election is "the political equivalent of taking candy from a baby". The Lib Dems now have just nine seats in Parliament. A total of 33 per cent said they were against it, while 27 per cent said they did not know.

"But of course those people don't want us to win".

The First Minister said the SNP was fighting to win the election in Scotland, but did not need to secure a majority of the vote to keep up the pressure for a second independence referendum.

"They say I don't play by the rules - their rules".

Earlier this month, member countries of the EU signed European Council president Donald Tusk's strict set of guidelines that detail how the bloc will approach negotiations with Britain over its withdrawal from the EU.

"It is unsustainable in the multimedia age of the 21st century to go to the country but not debate with the leaders of the other parties". TV debates don't have a long history in British politics, but were a feature of the last two elections, in 2010 and 2015.

"I believe in campaigns where politicians actually get out and about and meet the voters", she said.

Meanwhile, former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg confirmed that he will fight to retain his Sheffield Hallam seat for the Liberal Democrats.

During prime minister's questions, just before the election debate, former chancellor George Osborne announced that he was leaving parliament "for now".

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