Published: Fri, April 21, 2017
Science | By Hubert Green

Trumps 'roll' with the masses

Trumps 'roll' with the masses

"Trump reminded by Melania to raise his hand for National Anthem & Flag".

"The White House said, 'We are going to mobilize to find something to justify the President's tweet that he was being surveilled.' They put out an all-points bulletin and said, 'We need to find something that justifies the President's insane tweet about surveillance at Trump Tower, '" the source told Lizza.

The event, largely seen as the most important social event on the White House calendar, came only days after the Trump administration announced they would not publicly disclose their visitor logs - a break in precedent from the Obama years.

Trump also commented on the crowd size, reiterating as usual, "We're going to have a lot of people here".

"As we renew this tradition, thank you for joining us on behalf of the president and Barron". "On behalf of the president and [our son] Barron, we wish you great fun and attractive days coming ahead of us".

The president offered some brief remarks as well.

"We will be stronger and bigger and better as a nation than ever before", he told his guests. "We're right on track", Trump said according to a report by the NBC News. "We are right on track".

The day before, Melania wore a belted white dress - also sleeveless - to attend a church service in Palm Beach, Florida with her husband, son Barron Trump and stepdaughter Tiffany Trump.

Specifically, the first lady was in charge of the activities, just like every year, and this was the 139th egg race hosted at the White House, although it was the first time the Trumps had been involved. "She worked really hard on this".

CNN reporter Daniella Diaz first noticed the awkward moment, and it has been reposted thousands of times since she pointed it out on Twitter.

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