Published: Fri, April 21, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

Wichita Police unveil new blue uniforms

Wichita Police unveil new blue uniforms

Wichita Police officers have worn tan uniforms for more than 90 years. All uniforms will be replaced with a navy blue shirt and navy blue trousers.

The department said they will be rolling out the new blue uniforms over the next two years.

The department made the announcement Thursday morning via social media.

It was a yearlong discussion among department members, the union and various uniform suppliers.

"We started out with a blank slate".

Current tan uniforms can vary widely between officers, with different options available in the winter and summer months. WPD had several different uniform options, including tan shirt and trousers and a green polo with tan trousers.

The cost of uniforms is built into the police department's budget, so there will not be any additional cost as officers transition away from tan uniforms.

"There are different pocket configurations, there are different openings within the uniform to run some of the wiring with our body-worn cameras and there's also different fit options for female officers", White said.

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