Published: Sun, April 23, 2017
Business | By Max Garcia

United Airlines pilots "infuriated" by "grossly inappropriate" dragging of passenger

United Airlines pilots

Delta is letting employees offer customers almost $10,000 in compensation to give up seats on overbooked flights, hoping to avoid an uproar like the one that erupted at United after a passenger was dragged off a jet.

The incident came on the same day, a 69-year-old Vietnamese-American was forcibly removed from a flight of United Airlines in Chicago. Videos circulating online show the passenger screaming with his face covered in blood while airline security dragged him out off his own flight.

The passenger, Dr. David Dao, suffered a concussion and broken nose in the incident.

CNN reported on Saturday that crew members and staff taking a United flight to get to another city for work will be required to check in one hour before departure.

In a dispute such as the one that occurred on Flight 3411, what recourse or appeal process do passengers have to dispute an action taken against them by United Airlines during their travel?

The company has also vowed that law enforcement will not be asked to eject passengers from overbooked flights in the future as part of its ongoing efforts to "deliver the best customer experience".

When the passenger was involuntarily denied boarding or asked to deplane due to overbooking, at what stage of the trip does United Airlines provide the passenger with a written statement describing his or her rights and explain why the passenger was involuntarily denied boarding or removed from the aircraft?

Smartphone video of Dao, a doctor, resulted in a PR disaster for United after he refused to give up his seat on the plane at O'Hare worldwide airport in Chicago.

United Airlines and the city of Chicago may find themselves the target of lawsuits by the man who was dragged off a United plane in Chicago last week after refusing to give up his seat.

"Our flight attendants helped a customer who was stung by what appeared to be a scorpion on a flight last week", United said in a statement. In an internal memo obtained Friday by The Associated Press, Delta said gate agents can offer up to $2,000, up from a previous maximum of $800, and supervisors can offer up to $9,950, up from $1,350. The compensation can be in the form of cash, travel credits or airline miles.

. r Dao's lawyer, Thomas Demetrio told the Chicago SunTimes said his client was not just missing his two front teeth when he was violented dragged off his flight in Chicago but also his luggage.

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