Published: Wed, April 26, 2017
U.S. | By Eddie Scott

GOP: Um, Don't Worry About The Border Wall For Now

GOP: Um, Don't Worry About The Border Wall For Now

He said the President's flexibility on funding for his signature border wall put Democrats "on their heels".

The president's fellow Republicans control both chambers of Congress, but the current spending bill, which has to be passed by Friday night, will need 60 votes to clear the 100-member Senate, where Republicans hold 52 seats. He should allow the Democrats to shut down the government, whatever is needed.

At issue are five key questions about how to appropriate money in the bill to keep the government funded.

It was the linchpin of President Trump's campaign and the rallying cry of his many speeches: "Build that wall!" Over the objections of GOP leaders, a faction of conservatives tried to use must-pass spending bills to promote one pet cause or another, with little to show in the end.

Mr Trump is said to be pushing for the policy even at a cost of jettisoning his promise to shrink the size of the country's budget deficit.

White House spokesman Sean Spicer said Monday that administration negotiators including Trump's budget chief, Mick Mulvaney, "feel very confident" that a shutdown won't occur. "We have plenty of time. We've got a lot of time".

We've clearly signaled our ability to support a budget that has some increased funding on the border.

Zinke said the order, which Trump will sign during a visit to his department, will cover several dozen monuments across the country designated since 1996 that total 100,000 acres or more, from the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in southern Utah to the Bears Ears in southeastern Utah.

While Zinke acknowledged criticism that the act has been over-used by past presidents, he insisted he'd approach the topic with an open mind. How much money will be appropriated?

Schumer told a news conference on Sunday that aid negotiations between Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate were going well.

"I'm not convinced that a $20 billion wall - or whatever it costs - is the right answer", he said. President Trump has threatened to deny those payments, but Democrats insist the money must be included in this spending bill. Bill Cassidy and John Hoeven, have expressed openness to the idea.

"I support additional border security funding", said Senator Lindsey Graham, a critic of Mr Trump who dined with the president on Monday at the White House. He was kicking off a round-table discussion with farmers at the White House Tuesday.

Trump spoke at a U.S. Capitol ceremony hosted by the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum to mark the unveiling of a new conservation and research center. But after rounds of bankruptcies and troubles in the coal industry, those funds have been depleted.

Obama stated that he now does not have interest in becoming a spokesperson for the Democratic Party.

A senior GOP aide familiar with the talks told CNN the standoff will ultimately need to be resolved by the President in consultation with House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, but no one expects it to block a deal in the end. The temporary funding secured by Manchin expires this week. President Donald Trump could avert the risk of a.

"I am in favor of a permanent fix on miners' health care. I hope for that to be included in the bipartisan package", said Sen.

But, Republicans argue that the payments are part of mandatory spending and therefore shouldn't be part of the negotiations.

If the government continues spending at the same levels it has been through a so-called "continuing resolution", or C.R., Sen. McCain has vowed to vote against the measure.

By dropping his call for immediate funding for it, he may clear a path to a spending bill but he loses something to tout as progress on his agenda since taking office on January 20. "P robably. And I'm okay with that", he said.

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