Published: Fri, May 05, 2017
U.S. | By Eddie Scott

Trump Administration announces changes to school lunch regulations

Trump Administration announces changes to school lunch regulations

The administration loosened school lunch requirements when it comes to salt, whole grains, and fat-free milk.

The Trump Administration announced on Monday new changes to school lunch regulations.

"I'm pleased to see the flexibility particularly in the sodium level until further product development and acceptable recipes can be created". The Trump administration insisted that local school districts should make decisions about what to feed their kids. Schools will also be allowed to offer 1% chocolate milk.

Your student's school lunch could change in the fall. "[Studies show] that kids are actually eating more fruits and vegetables now than they did before these updated nutrition standards went into effect".

"We cannot teach kids healthy eating habits, it needs to come in the home and by and large kids are going to eat what we provide them as long as it tastes good", says Horsley.

Some advocates are concerned that these changes are a sign of things to come - that the Trump administration will roll back standards on fruits and vegetables, and allow for the use of vending machines that are filled with sweets and salty snacks.

"It really has to change in the family first and foremost before you can change it in the schools".

"In middle and high [school, schools need to] focus on nutrition education, teaching [students] why it's important to eat healthy", said Terranova, talking about her hopes of aiding in the development of healthy eating habits at a young age.

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