Published: Tue, May 09, 2017
Science | By Hubert Green

Corpse-eating deer photographed eating human remains

Corpse-eating deer photographed eating human remains

A corpse-eating deer has been photographed eating human remains, in a breakthrough discovery for science.

Footage captured the deer nibbling at rotting corpses inside a 26-acre "body farm" - a section of woodland created to allow researchers to watch cadavers decompose and discover which animals they attract.

Deer are mostly herbivores, although they have been known to scavenge small mammals or birds and occasionally eat other meats.

And it's gnawing on a bone, rather than tearing into flesh, the researchers from Texas State University say.

Deer is pictured eating human corpse in shocking image
Corpse-eating deer photographed eating human remains

The body had been outside for around 190 days and had already been feasted on by vultures when the opportunist white-tailed deer, which was out scavenging, came along.

Deer are known to gnaw on the bones of other animals to provide themselves with phosphorus, calcium, sodium and other minerals.

For forensic scientists, the study was not exclusively to analyze animal behavior, but also the marks left on the bone by the deer are also useful for future reference.

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