Published: Wed, May 10, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

Dog hailed as hero after grizzly encounter

Dog hailed as hero after grizzly encounter

On Sunday, May 7th, Kenzie Campbell. and his two friends set out to hike the Cascade Amphitheatre at Mt. Norquay.

One of the hikers said it was a very bad experience and that they couldn't shake the thought that they nearly got mauled or killed by a grizzly.

A group of Canadian campers had to high-tail it when their dog sounded the alarm that there was a bear after them.

"We just ran up on a bear - we were about 20 feet away and we walked away, but the bear comes charging, comes closer to us".

"She's a pretty protective girl so it doesn't surprise me", she said.

They say Momo was on a leash while they were hiking, which is required by Parks Canada, but they took her off the leash when the bear continued to approach them.

Bill Hunt with Parks Canada says she may have reacted to seeing the dog.

They all made it back to a parking area where they hid in a truck until the bear finally left.

Parks Canada says the bear ranges along the Bow Valley and has had several encounters with people over the years, including three incidents this spring.

Parks says it's still investigating and may step up tracking efforts on the bear.

They thought about climbing one of the chairs or breaking into the Norquay lodge but instead sprinted to the parkade before calling Parks Canada.

They scrambled into a truck and Campbell shot video of the bear, which had followed them and eventually wandered off.

"So now the dog was beside us and the bear was chasing the four of us", said Cyr.

"She literally has hundreds and hundreds of encounter with people every summer", Hunt said.

Campbell is looking after Momo until the paperwork goes through for her to live with her owners, who just moved to Cardiff.

"That bear just chased us!" they can be heard saying. He says seeing the dog probably also upset the critter.

"The bear was about 15 feet from my girlfriend, and the dog was barking and growling, so we didn't want to provoke the bear anymore", said Campbell.

"She is a little queen right now", he said.

Parks Canada recommends you always travel in groups in the mountain parks, and that you carry bear spray.

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