Published: Wed, May 10, 2017
U.S. | By Eddie Scott

Trump pressures Senate on ACA repeal

The US House of Representatives voted 217-213 [roll call] Thursday to repeal portions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) [text, PDF] and replace them using the proposed American Health Care Act (AHCA) [text].

Haseley is referring to a portion of the bill that repeals taxes for the Affordable Care Act from high-income people, drug companies and insurers.

Meanwhile, the bill's sloppy drafting means that employer-based health-care plans might be permitted to impose annual spending limits and lifetime coverage limits - even if most states attempted to keep strong market protections in place. It gets worse: The bill also guts the Medicaid program, which provides health care to about 74 million poor, disabled and elderly Americans, stripping away $880 billion over 10 years or about one-fourth of its budget.

USA president Donald Trump has urged Senate Republicans not to "let the American people down" as the contentious debate over overhauling America's health care shifts to Congress' upper chamber. "I think they are opening up those meetings, I don't even know if they had any closed meetings".

A political group with ties to House Republican leadership, American Action Network, said Sunday it was buying $500,000 in television time to promote the Republican health care bill.

Mike Gallagher said Monday that his fellow Republicans were "irresponsible" for celebrating the House's passage of the American Health Care Act at the White House. If the AHCA was exclusively a bill about Medicaid reform, we'd be jumping for joy. Under Obamacare, health insurance premiums can be three times higher for older Americans than younger Americans, and under Trumpcare, premiums can be up to five times more expensive.

Almost every major medical group, including the American Medical Association and the American Hospital Association, and the AARP advocacy group for older Americans, strongly opposed the Bill. "I went through two years of campaigning and I'm telling you, no matter where I went, people were suffering so badly with the ravages of Obamacare", he said.

Gillibrand and Schumer's remarks came hours after Trump urged Senate Republicans to support the House plan in a Sunday morning Twitter post.

Price said the changes will make sure that people who rely on Medicaid get the care and coverage that they need.

Ryan says the House measure gives states flexibility to set up high-risk pools for the very sick so that no one is denied coverage. "I was just getting there until you cut me off".

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is defending a health care working group in the Senate that has no female members.

Some House lawmakers have been challenged by the public over the House vote.

Shulkin and President Trump have promised major overhauls of VA operations, including expanding veterans access to private care physicians and a most customer-friendly experience with the massive bureaucracy.

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