Published: Thu, May 11, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

Sean Spicer Had a Meltdown After Trump Fired Comey

Sean Spicer Had a Meltdown After Trump Fired Comey

It also seems to have caught the White House's own staff off-guard, with Press Secretary Sean Spicer huddling with staff behind a tall hedge on White House grounds to avoid reporters and work out a communications strategy, according to the Washington Post.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was clearly overwhelmed by the uproar caused by FBI Director James Comey's sudden termination.

Sanders told Politico any talk of her taking Spicer's position in the briefing room is "another ridiculous story". Last night an 'embarrassment. disaster, ' reporter Jim Acosta tweeted.

Ms. Sanders handled Wednesday's press briefing with aplomb, and will conduct briefings through the end of the week, the White House said. To get back to his office, Spicer would have to pass a swarm of reporters wanting to know why President Trump suddenly made a decision to fire the Federal Bureau of Investigation director.

"Just turn the lights off. Turn the lights off!"

The Post reports Spicer acknowledged the stunning news by standing in the press office doorway and "shouting a statement" to nearby reporters.

Politico cites people in the White House as saying Trump is happy with the ratings Spicer's news conferences receive, but not his sometimes combative style. "That was a DOJ decision".

Spicer said: "Rosenstein was confirmed about two weeks ago and independently took on this issue so the President was not aware of the probe until he received a memo from Rosenstein on Tuesday, along with a letter from Attorney General Jeff Sessions recommending that Comey be fired".

I want to say this is a new low for Spicer, but...he's just had so many blunders that I don't know if that's even true. I don't know. There's some - I don't know. For 10 minutes, he responded to a flurry of questions, vacillating between light-hearted asides and clear frustration with getting the same questions over and over again.

"Just another Tuesday at the White House", Ms. Sanders later remarked to reporters.

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