Published: Fri, May 12, 2017
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John Cena on retiring from wrestling

John Cena on retiring from wrestling

The only thing that could convince John Cena to retire is WWE no longer needing his services, as he admitted to Fox.

Bloomberg spoke with WWE Studios President Michael Luisi for an article about wrestlers like The Rock, Batista and John Cena finding success in Hollywood. The Sporting News recalled in April that Cena had "lost faith" in marriage following his 2012 divorce from Elizabeth Huberdeau, and was so nervous about the prospect of Nikki Bella moving in with him about a year later that he had her sign a lengthy, 75-page agreement. Cena took time away from WWE to take part in the filming as he has done for his other movie roles in the past.

The Cenation Leader, who is now on another hiatus from the WWE to focus on his movie career, revealed in an interview with Fox News that he would leave the company only when they say his services are no longer required.

"That was the most nervous I have ever been in my entire life and not only was I anxious about her response but I was anxious about the reaction of the 75,000 people of the Camping World Stadium".

"I didn't know that they would react in such a positive way, and I'm forever indebted to our fans for being able to allow me to celebrate the greatest moment of my life", he said. During the interview, Cena was asked if he plans to retire from wrestling and he said that he'll always be involved with WWE in some capacity.

Fans can also catch the Superstar on Total Bellas and Total Divas.

John Cena getting married a second time was something once thought to be impossible.

It would be interesting to see whether he'll still perform for his current brand SmackDown, or be shifted to RAW when he returns in the month of June.

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