Published: Sun, May 14, 2017
U.S. | By Eddie Scott

Parents demonstrate at school where 8-year-old Ohio boy was bullied

But because the mother didn't know what happened, the doctor at the hospital didn't either, which changed the nature of the medical examination, she said.

"We ask that you review the video, it is entirety", the school system wrote in a statement.

The Cincinnati homicide detective looked at the video almost a week after Gabriel's death and wrote a February 3 report recounting the assault. Other students poked and touched Gabriel for as long as almost five minutes until a school official appeared to care for the boy, according to a Cincinnati Police Department detective's written account of what he saw on school surveillance video. The boy is then unconscious for seven and a half minutes. His death sparked an investigation by the Cincinnati Police Department.

Cornelia Reynolds remembers receiving a phone call to pick up her 8-year-old son, Gabe Tate, from school two days before he passed away.

District officials and attorneys for Gabriel's mother have disputed what the mother was told the day Gabriel was knocked unconscious.

The boy ended up vomiting later that night, according to Branch, and was suspected to have the stomach flu after his mother took him to the hospital.

"If Gabe's mom had known that her son was going to school every day and experiencing, and witnessing, and being involved in these violent, very unsettling events, she wouldn't have continued to send him there", Branch said.

"He really didn't have any recollection of what had happened", said attorney Jennifer Branch, who also is representing Reynolds.

But in January, leaders at Carson Elementary told us there was no evidence of bullying.

For months after his suicide, Gabriel's mother had no knowledge of the trouble in the school bathroom.

"His life was not only stolen from him but from those of us who expected to watch him grow up and enjoy life", she said in a statement.

"He probably didn't want to say: 'Ma, somebody's bullying or picking on me, ' you know?" the mother added.

Reynolds told WLWT her son spent a significant amount of time in the school nurse's office and there were some days Gabe simply wanted to stay home.

School officials said they weren't aware of the incident outside the boy's room until investigators asked to review it.

Another demonstrator outside the school said her 9-year-old daughter was jumped by other girls on a school bus and had marks and bruises on her face.

Another concerned parent, Carolyn Emery, said she has a 9-year-old daughter who attends Carson and that bullying is s chronic problem there. "Her grades have been slipping since this started". In a February 3 report to Carson Elementary and CPS officials, he described how a Carson student in the bathroom yanked Gabriel to the ground, then celebrated his action.

Students are seen kicking and hitting an unconscious 8-year-old boy for five minutes in a bathroom at Carson Elementary School in January, according to a report obtained by the Cincinnati Enquirer.

CCTV footage captured inside the school toilets shows a child throwing Gabriel against a wall and knocking him out.

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