Published: Wed, May 17, 2017
Science | By Hubert Green

Scientists identify 50-foot creature that washed up on Indonesian beach

Scientists identify 50-foot creature that washed up on Indonesian beach

On Monday, May 15th, whale biologist, Alexander Werth identified the squid-like creature as a whale.

Decomposition gases, which seeped out, bloated the whale and explains how it floated ashore.

Edith Widder, the CEO and senior scientist at the Ocean Research and Conservation Association, said images of the creature appeared to show baleen plates, which the whales use to sieve food out of water in its mouth. The exact species of whale is not known.

However, Augy said that the team had difficulty identifying what type of whale it was.

Most scientists agree the whale belongs to the genus Balaenoptera, but it's unclear which species it is - either a blue whale, fin whale or Bryde's whale.

As far as the cause of death, it remains a mystery.

Terrified residents on the island are asking the government for assistance in trying to remove the decaying creature, according to the Jakarta Globe.

Lipi dispatched two technicians and one researcher who then measured the carcass, took pictures and collected tissue samples for a lab test, Augy said.

Seram, the largest island in the Maluku Island group, is near the migration routes for baleen whales.

The giant sea creature was discovered in the bloody water on the island of Seram last week and sparked huge discussion on what the badly decomposed animal actually was. But no: it is indeed a very big decaying creature, 15 Meters long and weighing several tons, discovered by villagers on the shore of Seram Island, Indonesia.

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