Published: Thu, May 18, 2017
Sports | By Nelson Rowe

Several sharks spotted swimming near SC pier

Several sharks spotted swimming near SC pier

A Facebook video of several sharks swimming near the Garden City Pier in SC has gone viral on the site.

Kinzer shot the video from the Garden City Pier while visiting the area.

Kinzer said he and his girlfriend were fishing on the Garden City Pier when they saw a group of people looking down toward the water.

"...seeing these sharks this close to shore was surprising..." The video shows two sharks swimming together, and brushing against the shoreline where beachgoers appear to be watching the sharks swim by. Kinzer was in Myrtle Beach on vacation with his family. "In my mind, I just thought it was a really cool experience". "I was amazed as I checked the views every hour or so".

Kinzer noted that numerous comments on his video were from people who were now more frightened of swimming in the ocean.

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