Published: Fri, May 19, 2017
U.S. | By Eddie Scott

A rigged voter fraud panel

A rigged voter fraud panel

Earlier on Thursday, Trump signed an executive order to create the Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. The integrity of our elections is an foundational issue, but any commission led by an extremist like Kris Kobach - a "birther" whose attempts to restrict voting rights have repeatedly been struck down in federal court - has zero credibility.

Kobach has been accused of extreme racism and having ties to white nationalists. The text of the order focuses on the issue of voter fraud.

The commission will reportedly be led by Kansas Secretary of State Chris Kobach, who convinced that state's Legislature to allow him to prosecute voter fraud cases.

Meanwhile, top Democratic leaders reacted with suspicion to the creation of the commission ostensibly created to protect the "integrity" of the electoral system, reports Efe news.

President Donald Trump on Thursday established a new federal commission with the goal of targeting problems in voting systems across the United States. It is incumbent upon all Americans to stand up and challenge the lies that Republicans like Trump and Kobach use to limit the our most basic and fundamental civil right.

"I think the concern that many people have would be that his prior statements about the so-called existence of voter fraud might color his view of the evidence that's going to be presented in the investigation, but I hope he puts all that aside", Johnson said.

The panel will aim to ensure confidence in the integrity of federal elections while looking at vulnerabilities in the system and the possibility of improper voting and fraudulent voter registration and voting, officials said.

Remember, this was around the time Trump praised the now fired Comey for launching an investigation into Clinton's emails. President Trump has been adamant that 3-5 million people voted illegally last November - but his supporters have offered up nothing near that level of fraud.

White House aides said the scope of the commission, chaired by Vice President Pence, will reach beyond allegations of voter fraud to include voter suppression and other suspect election practices, and would include members of both major political parties. She said the report would be complete by 2018.

In February, Mr Trump claimed he would have also won New Hampshire if it had not been for voters bussed in from outside the state. Dale Ho, director of the ACLU's Voting Rights Project, said in a press release that Trump's voter fraud claims have been "widely debunked".

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