Published: Fri, May 19, 2017
Science | By Hubert Green

Google Assistant For Android TV Launching This Year

In this Android O Developer Preview 2 update, night light now gets a system to adjust the intensity of how tinted you want your screen to be!

At its annual I/O Developer Conference which held yesterday in Mountain View, California, USA, Google announced the newest features that will be coming to Android O, the next version of its Android mobile operating system. It may even be possible to sync your refrigerator with your phone so the AI will be able to send you a grocery list wirelessly. Here are a few simple steps to help you get the Google Assistant installed on your iPhone. Google's initial roadmap showcased that the Android O would release in four phases: the second of which was expected to come out between May and June.

For a connected speaker, its inability to pair with devices over Bluetooth also seemed like another notable oversight, but Google has indeed now confirmed that that too will be fixed, so you'll be able to play tunes from any Bluetooth-based source soon enough.

Paying through Google using the Wish app. Courtesy Google.

The first obvious difference is that Siri is baked into iOS, while Google Assistant is a standalone app you need to download. One of the biggest surprises we have learned is that Google is working on Android Go. This way you will not need to replace a phone to understand everything our friends say. We're looking forwards to seeing Google Lens, but we're also looking forwards to what Google Lens learns for the next thing. Usually the can't miss moment of the conference is the Day 1 Keynote, when Google announces big changes to Android, Daydream, and other software and services. "We'll first be bringing Google Lens capabilities to the Assistant and Google Photos and you can expect it to make its way to other products as well", he explains. Unfortunately, the rollout has taken place at a snail's pace as there are now only six devices that support Android apps on the stable version of the operating system.

The average consumer, however, will likely experience Google's machine-learning efforts via the Google Assistant.

Pinterest has a similar tool. The tech giant will integrate the Google Lens into Google Assistant. Also called lens, it lets people point their cameras at real-world items and find out where to buy them, or find similar things online.

Amazon has built a personal assistant that beat Google to market with hands-free calling and product-image recognition, and makes its own AI services available through its market-leading cloud service, AWS. Executives are also likely to detail plans for expanding the reach and capabilities of a voice-controlled digital assistant now available on some smartphones and an internet-connected speaker called Home. When you first ask Google Assistant to play music, it'll ask you to choose between Apple Music and YouTube as a default.

For example, you can point your camera at a restaurant and it'll show you its reviews.

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