Published: Fri, May 19, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

Google Assistant will help you send money to friends

Image recognition software will identify your friends and suggest you share pictures with them.

Google Assistant is expanding beyond Android to iOS. For the unaware, Google Assistant is a virtual helper powered by artificial intelligence, and is available on Android phones along with the Google Home smart speaker. For example, Panera Bread, who will soon implement this feature nationally, will allow members with loyalty cards to discover offers and learn about new menu items via Android Pay when they are in the store. Which is a rather dry way of saying the company is applying its advanced AI technology to your smartphone camera and integrating the results with Google Assistant.

Google has introduced the second version of its Tensorflow Processing Unit, or TPU called the Cloud TPU.

Google Home is getting the ability to handle phone calls. Google showed off a killer new feature that automatically removes objects in your photos.

Gupta said the new OS would require devices to be made with components that support Android Go and it remains to be seen whether handset makers will invest in this set of phones, especially when they can reach the masses through devices with existing versions of Android operating systems even though they're old.

The Android team blew through a range of new updates, including new emoji, picture-in-picture video, security enhancements, and more AI capabilities built into the device. Now operating systems, or rather Android-based "forks" increasingly include more configuration options that have standardized the processes of personalization and editing of smartphones.

At Google I/O, Samant highlighted the fact that India now has more Android users than the US.

Called Android Go, this software will automatically enable data-saving features and will steer users toward apps designed specifically for affordable hardware. The monthly users include smartphones, tablets, Android Wear devices, Android TVs, and any other number of other gadgets that are running on Android.

Google at its annual developer conference I/O 2017 announced "Android Go" which is a lighter version of Android O. During the event, the company also announced that this version will optimize the latest release of Android to run smoothly on entry-level devices starting with Android O. HTC said in an email to Quartz that its new headset will launch later this year.

This experience is powered by our smart tap technology, which Walgreens has fully deployed across their 8,000+ US stores'.

Some believed Google will rightfully do it this time around.

Gmail users will start seeing this feature later this week. Google will know where you're searching from and show jobs in your area.

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