Published: Fri, May 19, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

Google has released a new version of Android

It was unveiled at Google's annual developer conference I/O, which started on Wednesday near the company's headquarters in Mountain View, California.

Google's vice president of engineering Dave Burke that Android has "the largest reach of any computing platform of its kind", Xinhua reported on Thursday.

Google's approach to money is many-pronged. "I/O" stands for input/output, as well as the slogan "Innovation in the Open".

Locate your phone, tablet or watch. Merchants can also get paid through Assistant this way - in Google's demo at I/O they ordered delivery from Panera using the Assistant. Given the complexity of some WiFi passwords, not having to type them in could save us a lot of time.

Via Emojipedia we know that on Android O, Google will add more recognizable and universal characters with color gradients and a wider range of colors. Android O will give its users more enhanced features like improved notifications, picture-in-picture, better battery life and more.

Google Lens uses image recognition software and artificial intelligence to answer questions about anything the user photographs. Other minor new features include Autofill for text, notification dots for apps (similar to iOS) and new Picture-in-Picture functionality.

On stage, Samat demonstrated a novel way for Android users to track their mobile data usage and even pay their monthly or pre-paid mobilephone bills via Google Play. Basically, when you double tap on one word in the address, Google would automatically select the entire address (the entire set of relevant data) for you. For example, search for a specific job in a specific city and those listings show at the top of search results. This will be available in the USA right now. "If you're convinced it's lost for good you can erase all your data", according to Google.

Play Protect will scan apps through the day as it keeps getting updated, and will identify about 50 million apps installed to compare their behaviour. It may even be possible to sync your refrigerator with your phone so the AI will be able to send you a grocery list wirelessly. Android Pay also does not work in the beta. Google calls this Suggested Sharing. Additionally, Shared Libraries will make it easier for families and friends to share and access photos from one centralized location.

A lightweight version of Android dubbed Android Go was also introduced. Payments in Assistant will be US-only when it launches in the "upcoming months". The standalone headset will be available later this year in partnership with HTC - maker of the Steam-compatible Vive headset - and PC maker Lenovo.

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