Published: Fri, May 19, 2017
Culture | By Stewart Greene

Kerala CM assures new women's film body to look into issues

Kerala CM assures new women's film body to look into issues

There was a demand to form an organization for women following the attack towards actresses recently.

The group met Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan today, and the CM, along with sharing a pic of the group, posted a long note on the organisation.

The Women's Collective in Cinema delegation, led by Manju, Rima and Vidhu among others called on Pinarayi Vijayan and expressed their concern, especially in the wake of the kidnapping of a popular actress at Kochi earlier this year.

Chief Minister later assured the representatives that a committee would be formed to study the problems of women working in the film world.

In a first of its kind initiative in the country, women in Malayalam cinema including actors, directors, script writers and singers have come together and launched a new platform to safeguard their rights and ensure gender justice.

A committee would be formed to study the issue of women film professionals. In many sets, they complained that women are not even able to meet basic needs. The petitioners pointed out that this was not the first such incident, but rather the only reported one that came into the spotlight. It is important to stand with the victims of such trauma.

Although unregistered, the organisation seems to have taken it upon themselves to ensure safety of women working in the industry and protecting their rights. The Collective has therefore demanded that the government start courses to train women in the technical skills required for filmmaking. Actresses don't have any role to play once a movie is made, no one gives them a stake in distribution or anything, We want that to change.

Making it clear that their voices mattered, the Collective has said that the government should ensure that any discussion on cinema should necessarily involve women.

The collective wanted the formation of an anti-sexual harassment committee for every film production similar to the committees that exist in other workplaces. This is a celebration for us.

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