Published: Fri, May 19, 2017
Culture | By Stewart Greene

The Queen Enjoyed a Rare Night Out on the Town

The Queen Enjoyed a Rare Night Out on the Town

And there's us convincing ourselves that we deserve a well-earned night on the town. The monarch was attending an invitation-only party at the exclusive eatery, which closed its doors to members of the public to host the royal soiree, according to The Telegraph.

And the Queen certainly dressed for the rare outing, as she donned a silver dress and shall which she accessorised with a clutch depicting an image of sister Princess Margaret and her children. Buckingham Palace and the restaurant itself did not offer any further comment or explanation of the evening.

The Queen, 91, dined at the Ivy on Thursday to mark the 80 birthday of the Archduchess Helena of Habsburg. "Geri Halliwell once checked her dog into the cloakroom-what did I say about excellent service?-Princess Diana was permitted to flout the ban on bring-your-own-birthday-cake, and her former in-laws have dined there".

The last time she was spotted at a London restaurant was in March 2016, where she could be seen at her usual favourite, supposedly Bellamy's restaurant in Mayfair.

It's not every day you see photographs of the Queen on her way out of a hotspot, offering up a wry smile for the awaiting paparazzi, in the vein of Rihanna or Kim Kardashian West. "The Queen does not dine out often, but-when she does-I suspect this is a quality she prizes above all others", the Telegraph's Bill Knott wrote past year.

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