Published: Fri, May 19, 2017
Business | By Max Garcia

UK Conservatives pledge immigration curb

UK Conservatives pledge immigration curb

Numerous promises the Tories made in the manifesto - including the ratios that show the difference in pay between executives and average workers - were floated as proposals in last year's green paper.

"With a shocking 3.8 million people experiencing in-work poverty it's high time that work in this country paid and the misery of insecure work was eradicated".

Mrs May tore up David Cameron's 2015 "tax lock" pledge not to raise income tax or national insurance.

The manifesto pledges an extra 8 billion British pounds (10.41 billion US dollars) for the NHS and raise the cost of care threshold to 100,000 British pounds (130,140 USA dollars) to ensure older people can stay in their own homes in their later years. She said leaving the European Union offers the chance to build "stronger, fairer, more prosperous Britain" based on "a new contract between government and people".

The decision to scrap a planned £72,000 cap on social care bills was denounced by the author of a seminal report on the issue, Sir Andrew Dilnot, who said pensioners would be left "helpless" to control costs.

Currently, for people who receive care at home, the value of their property is not taken into account when calculating how much they should contribute to the cost. May will end universal free school lunches for infants to fund an extra 1 billion pounds per year for education, the newspaper said.

A free school breakfast - which is cheaper to provide - will be offered to children instead.

Elsewhere in its manifesto, the Conservatives promise to increase the overall schools budget by £4 billion.

"With domestic shortages in critical tech roles ever more pronounced, this move is another barrier for scaling companies accessing the talent they need to grow", said Antony Walker, the deputy CEO of techUK.

Covering the National Health Service (NHS), social care, the economy, immigration and changes to pensions for the elderly, May spelt out five main commitments container in her manifesto dealing with a strong economy, Britain's departure from the European Union (Brexit), social provision, an ageing society and fast-changing technology.

The manifesto committed a Conservative government to reducing net migration to the "tens of thousands", maintaining as frictionless a border as possible between the two parts of Ireland and protecting British rule over Gibraltar.

In seeking to establish the most competitive, pro-free market business landscape in the developed world, the Conservatives will surely help to deliver on their promise to make Brexit work out as well as it can.

While Thatcher mistrusted the state, May's election manifesto says that "government can and should be a force for good".

This is a marked contrast to Labour's manifesto, which directly opposed fracking because "it would lock us into an energy infrastructure based on fossil fuels, long after the point in 2030 when the Committee on Climate Change says gas in the United Kingdom must sharply decline". Some big energy companies abuse the trust customers put in their established brands and punish their loyal customers.

The manifesto commits to ending "vast annual contributions to the EU", but says the party will agree a "fair settlement" on leaving the bloc.

Hargreaves Lansdown head of policy Tom McPhail added: "The challenge here will be to strike a balance between protecting pension scheme members' rights on the one hand, and on the other allowing British industry to flourish".

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