Published: Fri, May 19, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

Watch Hillary Clinton Practice Ducking 'Unwanted Trump Hug' During Debate Prep

Longtime Hillary Clinton aide Philippe Reines on Friday shared a video of himself nearly violently hugging his boss, showing how Clinton's campaign had prepared the then-presidential candidate for Donald Trump's notoriously forceful handshakes.

In debate prep footage recorded in September, Reines played the role of Trump as the handsy creep going in for the hug when the two candidates traditionally would shake hands.

Comey took the long walk across the room determined, he told me, that there was not going to be a hug. She tries to give him a high-five instead and he jokingly chases after and hugs her anyway as the Clinton staff laughs behind the camera. "A favorite moment from debate prep (9/24/16)".

Soft applause can be heard in the background as Clinton makes her way towards the Trump stand-in, waving to the nonexistent crowd.

Well, now, thanks to some great behind-the-scenes video, we know that was also on the minds of the Clinton campaign. Bad enough that he was there; bad enough that there would be a handshake; he emphatically did not want any show of warmth.

Comey tried to avoid Trump during a reception honoring law enforcement officials, but was spotted by the president, who called out to him and joked that Comey had become "more famous" than him. "If you look at the video, it's one person shaking hands and another hugging".

In fact, Comey was so desperate to avoid Trump during the event that he even reportedly tried to blend in with the White House curtains with the hope that Trump wouldn't see him.

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