Published: Sat, May 20, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

Man in dinosaur costume spooks Charleston carriage horses

Man in dinosaur costume spooks Charleston carriage horses

According to Charleston Police incident report, police responded at 5:24 p.m. and interviewed several carriage passengers and witnesses who said an "unknown party" wearing a brown Tyrannosaurus Rex costume stepped off the sidewalk near the fire hydrant at Church and Linguard Streets and began making "growling noises", which frightened the horses.

Police in SC say the woman who dressed up in an orange dinosaur costume and spooked carriage horses has surrendered to authorities.

The carriage horses fell to the ground after being spooked on Thursday, May 18, 2017.

Police in Charleston, S.C. have charged a woman in a freakish incident in the city's historic downtown. As the animals backpedaled, the carriage struck an unoccupied vehicle, which resulted in minor damage to the bumper.

The horses got spooked, police said, and backed up - a move that sent the carriage backward into a parked vehicle.

"Palmetto Carriage Works loves our animals and their well-being is our top priority".

The horses were startled and jerked the carriage, causing the driver to fall out and injure his leg when the carriage rolled over it, Charleston Police spokesman Charles Francis said in a statement.

Sturgeon said the woman in the costume stayed nearby for a few minutes after he fell before running away.

Phil Bailey, a public relations representative hired by Palmetto Carriage Works, told reporters he is anxious this is a new animal rights activists method to disrupt the carriage industry.

Sturgeon said he suffered a severe bruise and a broken bone in his left foot in the incident. The horse named Yogi received very minor abrasions and is resting well back at the Big Red Barn with the other horse named Boo Boo. "This is Charleston, the most polite city in America".

T-Rex Costume that caused carriage accident.

The carriage company posted a picture of the two horses on their Instagram account this week.

"She was frozen. She didn't leave", Gary said.

"Meanwhile people were jumping off the carriage", Salvador said."Everybody got off and really it was kind of calm, but the horses refused to go forward".

"If she turned away, I'm fairly convinced that things would have been different", he said. "They were really going insane".

"We saw a dinosaur walking down the street", Shelby said.

Palmetto Carriage Works owner Tom Doyle said he has seen a recent increase in people yelling at carriage tours, trying to touch the horses and other disruptions that are unsafe to animals and people. They did not see the T-Rex approach the horses or growl at them.

Members with the Charleston Animal Society say what happened put multiple people and animals lives in danger.

Today's assault is outrageous and has no place in Charleston.

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