Published: Sat, May 20, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

Putin shows off piano skills ahead of meeting with Chinese leader

Putin shows off piano skills ahead of meeting with Chinese leader

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that USA special services were responsible for recent cyberattacks with the use of WannaCry virus that paralyzed computers in 150 countries.

He was in Beijing for the "One Belt, One Road" initiative, a $1 trillion plan for infrastructure and economic development in some 60 countries.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is never hesitant to disply his passion for the outdoors, showed his softer side on May 14, after he sat down to play the piano during his official visit to China.

"It's too bad that the piano wasn't good and it was hard to play", Putin told reporters yesterday.

Asked at a news briefing in Beijing on Monday about his performance, Putin said he had just been idly toying around with the keys while he waited for his meeting to start with Chinese leader Xi Jinping on the sidelines of an global forum. Both songs were classics from the Soviet era.

So, Putin played some songs on Xi's piano. At his conclusion, Putin whispers something and then decisively shuts the piano's fallboard (the keyboard lid) and walks away, smiling.

"Putin can not play the piano so please stop linking that bloody clip.", commented another.

"We consider (the missile test) counter-productive, harmful and unsafe", Putin said. The Russian president noted with regret that "the piano was out of tune".

"Thirdly, I think it's right that the decision was taken not for two or three or four months but for nine months, to the middle of next year".

Putin, who is now in Beijing for the two-day Belt and Road Forum, said that intelligence services should be wary of creating a software which can be later used for malicious means, Daily Mail reported.

Putin had also played for a charity event in 2010 in St. Petersburg and a Moscow theatre in 2011.

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