Published: Sun, May 21, 2017
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Bear spends 11 hours in tree, gets down, climbs another

Bear spends 11 hours in tree, gets down, climbs another

Hikers are reminded to take necessary precautions while in bear country including hiking in groups of 2 or more, carrying bear spray, complying with all backcountry closures, properly storing food regulations, and remaining at safe viewing distance from bears at all times.

The park says if you are approached by a bear, slowly back away. They say, 'oh, that's a bear-proof can, ' and keep moving.

The vehicle that apparently hit the bear did not stop, said Apopka police Sgt. Kim Walsh. A temporary electric fence was erected around the freezers and remote cameras were deployed to determine if more than one bear was present.

Wildlife officers and workers at the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa demonstrated the effectiveness of a newly-created bear-resistant trash can. To report a bear incident outside of the park, please call Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency at 1-800-831-1174 or North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission at 1-866-318-2401.

"I've noticed a big difference", he said.

Which begins the explanation of exactly how humans risk harm to themselves, their families, homes, pets, and to the bears as well.

"If we just modify our behavior a little bit, these bears will move on", said Dan Maloney, deputy director of animal care at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens. "That's what we want", said David Telesco, Bear Management Program Coordinator.

"We've been able to use that in local governments to help cost-share some of the cost of bear-resistant trash cans".

But they're not equally available in all areas.

Those who live in the Springs Landing subdivision near Longwood have experienced their fair share of bear encounters, so much so that FWC teamed up with WastePro to provide the community with bear-proof trash cans last month.

"One thing to keep in mind is to make sure that your waste service provider will service it because it does require someone to actually unlatch the can if it's one model. They can go down the street, get those calories", Barrett said.

For those deterred by the potential self-imposed expenditure, Maloney says it amounts to the proverbial "ounce of prevention".

For the record, Betsy was no match for the garbage can.

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