Published: Wed, May 24, 2017
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Budget chief: Trump won't continue Obama's 'crazy' spending on climate

Budget chief: Trump won't continue Obama's 'crazy' spending on climate

Because Trump won't touch Social Security or Medicare, he's proposing deep cuts to other so-called mandatory programs such as Medicaid, the government insurance program for the poorest and many disabled Americans.

It restates the goals of the "skinny budget" the administration released in March, which was widely condemned by scientists and public health advocates.

House Speaker Paul Ryan says he is pleased the budget projects a balance and says he's never encountered a presidential budget that people didn't declare "dead on arrival".

"If we had a booming economy and all their assumptions worked out, then we wouldn't need as much safety net funding", she said, adding that it's unclear if those getting benefits could find work now without receiving assistance.

"The President's budget request is always subject to significant revision by Congress, and this budget will be no exception", said Sen.

"The president is right to take a close look at spending", says Sen.

"The Trump budget takes a sledgehammer to the middle class and the working poor, lavishes tax breaks on the wealthy and imagines all of the deficit problems away with fantasy math", Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said Tuesday on the Senate floor.

It rips $627 billion over ten years from Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), which together serve almost 46 million children in low income families and children with disabilities, despite the President's campaign promise not to cut Medicaid. In 2015, federal and state spending on Medicaid was about $545 billion. This budget is more comprehensive, and it includes what is really the bulk of government spending, which is entitlement programs. More than 767,000 low-income resident sin MA use SNAP benefits to help pay for food, and 164,000 rely on LIHEAP to pay for winter home heating expenses.

"Everything that we do in this administration, every single time I am called into the Oval Office. the focus is sustained 3 percent economic growth", he said, arguing that the administration "reject (s) that pessimism" that says the economy can't grow that much each year. "Instead, we may see people forced into institutions, forced into nursing homes".

At the camp, Haley was briefed on unmet needs by the U.N.'s humanitarian office and refugee agency - organizations whose US accounts are eliminated in Trump's budget.

"We need people to go to work", he said Tuesday. The National Science Foundation would experience an 11 percent cut to its budget. The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases would be cut by $355 million.

The proposed cuts drew immediate and harsh criticism. In his introductory message in the budget, Trump wrote that "to unleash the power of American work and creativity - and drive opportunity and faster economic growth - we must reprioritize Federal spending so that it advances the safety and security of the American people". The cuts could "hobble our ability to provide tomorrow's cures and technologies".

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: The administration proposes trimming the CDC, which helps states and other countries fight infectious disease outbreaks, by $1.3 billion - 17 percent.

He predicted Republican House members will struggle in their home districts to defend the cuts to healthcare and education programmes. "Some increases to defense spending are needed, but not at the expense of critical and sometimes lifesaving programs that support farmers, families and those across our state just trying to put food on the table".

The budget, which is more a statement of policy than an actual guiding document because of its likelihood to get passed on Capitol Hill, does signal how Trump views government. "From Ebola to Zika to opioid misuse to diabetes to heart disease, the CDC is on the front lines keeping Americans healthy".

Parental leave would be mandatory, but not uniform: "States would be required to provide six weeks of parental leave and the proposal gives states broad latitude to design and finance the program", the administration wrote in its budget. "President Trump evidently does".

And: Opinion: The real story about the Trump budget is how little of Trump is in it.

This budget would be the first to bar a specific provider, according to Planned Parenthood. And it would bar the organization not only from Medicaid funding but also from any other Health and Human Services program, including the Title X family planning program, maternal and child health, STD testing and treatment, and Zika prevention.

Critics, however, says the changes will result in states having to put more local tax dollars into Medicaid programs like MassHealth, or scale back eligibility and health benefits. They're working long hours; stressed out about how to pay for their kids' education; anxious that health care expenses could bankrupt them without insurance; and nervous each month that the money will run out before the days on the calendar do.

Jason Furman, a chairman of the White House Council for Economic Advisers under Obama, suggested that the Trump administration had double-counted the supposed benefits of its tax cuts.

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