Published: Wed, May 24, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

How To Use Snapchat's New 'Group Stories' Feature

How To Use Snapchat's New 'Group Stories' Feature

Instagram is adding another new Snapchat feature - and another new place where it can (eventually) show ads to users. Now, the app stands to lure even more users to its Stories as the feature as users can now effectively find and watch new Stories for as long as they want. So basically this lets groups of people contribute to the same Story.

Instagram had a hit on their hands as soon as they started their story option for the users.

Users will now be able to choose who can add to the story and who can view it. If your story makes the cut, you'll see a line at the top of your viewer list showing how many people saw it in the larger story. Hashtag stories will appear from search results and include stories that use specific hashtag stickers. "Snapchat's 'World of Dance" feature comes ahead of the NBC show, which Variety reports is expected to launch on May 30.

Users who add a location sticker or hashtag to their story may be included in the larger story. Along with all of the videos and popular Stories you'll find already, Location Stories and Hashtag Stories are based exclusively on locations you want to see or things you view often.

If you're prone to the sensation known as the "fear of missing out", you might want to pass on Instagram's latest feature. Tuesday's update changed stories, the Snapchat imitator that was introduced to the app last summer.

Instagram is rolling out yet another update following a redesigned tool bar and new face filters that were released just one week ago. Now, it's making it easier for you to find stories. Custom Stories will give Snapchat users a new toy to play with, and it also sets the clock for when Facebook will roll out something similar.

In terms of how you actually use the new features, it kind of depends on what you're into. Snapchat users can then invite other users by username to add content.

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