Published: Wed, May 24, 2017
Sports | By Nelson Rowe

LeBron struggles, exchanges words with fan after loss

LeBron struggles, exchanges words with fan after loss

The Boston Celtics have known that truth, of course. They were, after all, must-see TV.

"We played as well as we'd played in the entire playoffs in the first half and then for various reasons that didn't happen in the second half".

Despite his disciplinary problems in the match, James still scored 34 points.

You'd think it would be Celtics fans' worst nightmare: A rejuvenated, revenge-minded LeBron James picks himself up from the canvas, shakes off the leftover rust from Game 3 and scores 50 points in Game 4.

The odds are still heavily in Cleveland's favor to move to the Finals, but facing the Warriors with a week's rest would be quite different from facing them with two days' rest - especially since that would likely also involve a red-eye flight across the country.

Curry scored 36 points and Durant weighed in with 29 as the Warriors powered to a 129-115 win to complete a 4-0 victory in the best-of-seven Western Conference finals series. He helped get us going.

"We had opportunities", James said. In 28 minutes, the third year big produced 26 points on 10-of-14 shooting, to go with four rebounds. He's known for elite shot-making, but even for him the stretch shrieked with ridiculousness. "We know that. Just expecting him to be better in Game 4", Smith said. Perhaps this loss will give the team just what it needs as we get closer to that Finals rematch.

In game three, however, LeBron was ordinary. We wish he could be here but we understand.

"Kyrie came out and balled", said Jaylen Brown.

"I'm going to have to look at the film and see but we felt like we were right there, Irving just kinda took it to another level", added Horford. Stephen Curry won the Most Valuable Player award.

"He was doing a little bit of everything". When he gets going like that, he's tough to stop.

Kyrie tweaked his ankle on a drive when his legs got caught up in Terry Rozier's with less than two minutes to go in the third quarter. But then Kyrie took matters into his own hands. But this one might not considering how many games the superstar has played without this occurring. He's a defensive liability, sure, in ways that matter more as the playoffs progress.

James scored eight of the Cavs' first 11 points in the fourth quarter to propel the Cavs to a 98-88 lead with 7:57 to go. It's possible Thomas could undergo surgery on his hip. Before Thomas' regular burst abandoned him, nobody slowed him down.

As Keith mentioned it took the rest of the roster firing on all cylinders and Marcus Smart having an nearly statistically impossible shooting night for the Celtics to scrape by with the win, plus that last shot from Avery Bradley was probably the friendliest bounce I've ever seen on a long ball. Nothing was keeping him out. They don't have much roster flexibility and, one day, I swear, James will start to age. But that's what great teams do. Irving had 18 points at halftime, and Love and James both had 10 points.

LeBron James is focused on future and not the past after the Cleveland Cavaliers suffered a disappointing defeat against the Boston Celtics.

I'd be surprised if a majority of other National Basketball Association teams would expect a 27 point, 5 rebound, and 7 assist game from their back-up point guard.

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