Published: Tue, May 30, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

No deal in Brexit talks an option: UK's May

London, May 30 British Prime Minister Theresa May attacked opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn today for being unprepared for Brexit, as her Conservative party's poll lead narrowed further ahead of next week's election.

She said she wanted a "deep and special" partnership with the EU.

British Prime Minister Theresa May takes part in a general election broadcast.

In recent weeks, the Labour leader has faced questions about his support for a united Ireland and links to Sinn Fein.

Mr Corbyn replied: "Can I give you the exact figure in a moment?", adding: "All of our manifesto is fully costed and examined".

Mr Corbyn, on the other hand, insisted that there must be a deal.

May, who was at times heckled by the audience during the televised questioning, was asked by a serving policeman about "devastating" cuts to police numbers during her six-year tenure as interior minister.

Theresa May, foreground, is trying to return the focus of the election to the question of how can best negotiate Britain's exit from the European Union.

Her move comes after a succession of polls showing Labour eroding the large Conservative lead following Mrs May's poorly received manifesto launch.

Paxman said Brexit negotiators would see her as a "blowhard who collapses at the first sign of gunfire".

Mrs May also repeated her "no deal is better than a bad deal" slogan when asked if she was prepared to walk away from Brexit talks.

"What we had to do when we came into government in 2010 was to ensure that we were living within our means and that was very important because of the economic situation we had inherited", she said.

In a televised interview on Monday night Mr Corbyn appeared relaxed as he shrugged off hard questions about whether he supported the IRA, his opposition to the 1982 Falklands war and his reluctance to authorise a drone strike on an Isis terrorist. If one party obtains a majority of seats, then that party is entitled to form the government, with its leader as prime minister.

May said that while she was ready for negotiations set to start 11 days after the June 8 vote, the labour leader would "find himself alone and naked in the negotiating chamber of the European Union".

Corbyn meanwhile was grilled over his controversial relationship with the Irish Republican Army, nuclear deterrence and whether he would abolish the monarchy, given his republican stance.

"But I always want to get to know them". "The amount of debt that I have, personally, it nearly put me off going to uni".

A small business owner in the studio audience called Labour's plan to increase corporation tax and tax private school fees "ruthless and short-sighted".

Mr Corbyn said: "I am not going to stand here and put a figure".

Mr Corbyn apologised for the gaffe this afternoon, and condemned the bile being targeted at Ms Barnett online, some of which has come from accounts which purportedly support the Labour leader.

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