Published: Sat, June 03, 2017
Science | By Hubert Green

HTC Vive now includes Star Trek: Bridge Crew as a free pack

HTC Vive now includes Star Trek: Bridge Crew as a free pack

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Imagine playing a live-action escape the room game with a group of total strangers and you'll have imagined something close to the feeling of playing Bridge Crew online with strangers.

And the Star Trek brand is a flawless fit for VR-specifically social VR, which is what we've focused on at Red Storm. The ships mission is to explore an area of space known as The Trench and to find a suitable planet to be the Vulcans' new home world. The Trench contains stunning beauty and undiscovered wonders, but also odd anomalies and dangers yet unknown.

Speaking of which, if you really want to play by yourself Ubisoft is planning a beta sometime in northern summer, during which it will leverage IBM Watson to allow solo players to direct AI crew members via voice command.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew was developed specifically for virtual reality and capitalizes on the powerful sense of social presence possible only through VR. The engineer can route power to the relevant sub-systems, but then they're pretty much left to twiddle their thumbs while they wait for the tactical officer and engineer to play their parts. From coordinating strategies, to just having fun gesticulating at each other in VR, Bridge Crew is like a virtual reality playground set in a nerd's paradise. Two or more spaceships working together or fighting each other, with each player taking a role in the fight (except Comms for PvP, I suppose). The Aegis' unique design makes her ideal for the risky mission in The Trench but you'll have to master her systems, both familiar and experimental, to save the day. Except with VR headsets, bad Shatner impressions, and many references to "Number One'". There is also an Ongoing Voyages mode featuring randomized missions for solo and co-op adventures too.

If you have yet to check out how Star Trek Bridge Crew works, you can view the clip below.

Everything here looks exciting, and you can imagine the graphics only getting better in years to come.

Also included below the launch trailer is a previously released video showing some of the crew roles.

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