Published: Tue, June 06, 2017
U.S. | By Eddie Scott

Mom admits lying to others after baby's death

Mom admits lying to others after baby's death

On Monday, Shapiro noted that Bond had met with a city housing official weeks after Bella died, and told the housing official that 2-year-old Bella was living with her at her Maxwell Street apartment in Boston.

Rachel Bond testified that she was too scared of former boyfriend Michael McCarthy to tell anyone what happened regarding the death of her young daughter. Bond said that after she futilely administered CPR, McCarthy said he'd kill her if she told anyone he killed Bella.

Bond certified that Bella was living with her in July 2015, and that was a lie, Shapiro said to her. "She was a demon".

Her giggle floated from the speaker and her mother sat there on the witness stand, smiling and crying.

Bella possessed the power to kill the monsters, McCarthy told her.

Bond also described how McCarthy disposed of her daughter's body, placing the young girl in a duffel bag and driving her to the waterfront.

Bella had been experiencing nightmares, and McCarthy was offering some paternal advice about how to defeat the monsters that invaded her dreams. She said she was using mostly so she wouldn't have to think about her daughter's death. The new image shows the toddler with pierced ears.

Prosecutors said Bond did not report the incident to police because she was afraid of McCarthy.

McCarthy's lawyer argues Bond killed the girl, initially dubbed "Baby Doe" after a composite image of her likeness was shared by millions on social media as authorities tried to identify her.

"At the end of this trial you will realize that Rachelle was projecting her own delusions onto Michael, and that she blamed him for what she in fact did", Shapiro said. Rachelle Bond was asked Friday.

Rachelle Bond's daughter Bella and the image of Baby Doe issed by police.

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