Published: Wed, June 14, 2017
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Phil Spencer Explains Why Xbox One X Is Not Called Scorpio

Phil Spencer Explains Why Xbox One X Is Not Called Scorpio

Coming to all Xbox One markets, starting November 7, Xbox One X will retail for $499 or 449 pounds or 499 euros or C$599 or A$649.

Previously known under the name "Project Scorpio", news of the Xbox One X was first confirmed at last year's E3 by Microsoft.

Gamers can now play original Xbox games on the Xbox One through backward compatibility support, Microsoft has announced.

The Verge explains that 4K Ultra HD means a game has 2160p frame buffer output, including Native 4K support, Checkerboarding, and Dynamic Resolution.

Playing old Xbox games on Xbox One (and the upcoming Xbox One S) is as easy as playing Xbox 360 titles.

Given the sheer power of the Xbox One X, Spencer says, Microsoft views the Xbox One S as a more apt competitor to the PS4 Pro. So Microsoft had made an impressive start as the new console looked great and sounded impressive from a system's architecture perspective, but we all know that isn't worth a thing if there are no games to play.

Above Spencer was a massive 4K screen that showed the visual fidelity that the Xbox One X will display, and true 4K high-definition-range (HDR) video is a major selling point of the new console. According to the Initial reports, the Microsoft Xbox One X will be available to purchase from November 7 for $499/-.

The promise of 4k experience on the gaming console is being kept with the help of the feature which the company calls "supersampling" which enables users to experience 4k without a 4k TV. The tech company is using a custom GPU engine on Xbox One X that runs at 1172MHz, a huge boost over the 853MHz of Xbox One and even the 911MHz on Sony's PS4 Pro. Meanwhile, a further strengthening of the Xbox One lineup certainly wouldn't hurt matters, and so Microsoft will be hoping that the release of Crackdown 3 will go a long way to make gamers take a crack at the new device. After all, you're going to want content crafted specifically for the latest Xbox version. He expects the Xbox One X to meet a similar fate.

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