Published: Wed, June 14, 2017
Culture | By Stewart Greene

Warriors defeat Cavaliers to win second National Basketball Association title in three seasons

Warriors defeat Cavaliers to win second National Basketball Association title in three seasons

Some fans thought they wouldn't win Game 5.

It's nearly a compliment that James forced the Warriors to add Durant, but Durant has now forced James to rethink what is next for him.

The win provided redemption for the Warriors, who brought Kevin Durant over from the Oklahoma City Thunder last offseason to bolster their already high-powered offense.

By the end, Durant was free-associating, jumping around as he recounted a conversation he'd had with Iguodala. Steph Curry followed with a deep 3 of his own to get the Warriors rolling on a 21-2 run.

Now James and the Cavs are left to ponder their next move - or moves - to get back on top, assuming that they can even get back on top again.

Tight whistle in Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

Durant drove left, right and down the middle, knocked down 3-pointers, dished and dunked. And that was just the start.

LeBron James has 12 points and so does Kyrie Irving for the Cavs. There was a slight fist pump to the crowd as Curry shot free throws. But the 33-year-old swingman, whose health was seriously questioned coming into the Finals, was more than up to the task.

LeBron will never catch Jordan's flawless 6-0 Finals record, a fact Jordan fans are quick to point out.

The Cavs were shaky early, but got back into it with their defense.

Durant, an eight-time All-Star who only needed a ring to cement his superstar status, scored 39 points in a championship-clinching 129-120 victory and averaged 35.2 points and 8.4 rebounds in these Finals. But Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant have each picked up two fouls.

James has hit 5 of 6 shots in a torrid start for Cleveland.

"From when I played against him in 2012 to now. experience is the best teacher in life, and it also helps when you're able to experience things with this team".

This time, James and Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving dragged the team to one dominant victory, in Game Four, while they blew an 11-point lead in Game Three. Like I said, tried to be myself, be aggressive and sacrifice as well.

The first person to hug Kevin Durant was LeBron James, who held him in place on the court and whispered in his ear. James is trying to keep his quest for a fourth alive.

Two seasons ago, Steve Kerr took over from Mark Jackson and inherited a Warriors team with two premier shooters in the backcourt and a collection of talent that appeared on the verge of becoming championship contenders. But it could have been so much better for Cleveland. Golden State lost in record-setting fashion 137-116 on Friday. Tonight, we were more aggressive, we got more calls. I hope we're a little more nervous. "Nervous is good. Appropriate fear is the Gregg Popovich line. So to have a beer right now and come talk to you guys, it feels great". "It's handsome, man. Once in a lifetime, you have to really enjoy it, but this team is built to do it again, so I look forward to them doing it again", rapper Snoop Dogg said.

Cavs coach Tyronn Lue was asked about his team's needs when told of Kerr's comments.

As players from the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors warmed up for Game 5 of the NBA Finals, members of the musical Hamilton offered a preview of their national anthem set for a few hours later. And throughout the Finals, it often looked as though they were listening to him. Everyone from ordinary folks to famous people all celebrated as one after the Warriors' big win.

Nobody in the league was under any illusions as to the challenge the Warriors would present the other 29 teams and the title they regained with the completion of a 4-1 series win over the Cleveland Cavaliers on Monday was widely anticipated.

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