Published: Thu, June 15, 2017
World | By Paul Elliott

Rifle-wielding gunman wounds lawmaker, then killed by police

Rifle-wielding gunman wounds lawmaker, then killed by police

Last year, Capitol police shot and wounded a Tennessee minister who, they said, pulled a gun and pointed it at officers as he was entering the Capitol Visitor Center.

"The gunshots were going into the warning track about five or 10 feet from us and at some point I'd say 50 or 60 shots at least had been fired from the shooter", Paul said.

Before becoming majority whip, Scalise was chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee, which includes more than 170 conservative lawmakers.

Representative Steve Scalise was rushed to a local hospital and is in stable condition as of this posting. Scalise was coherent the whole time, Flake said. Hodgkinson allegedly shot Scalise, along with four other people including two Capitol Police officers, before he was shot.

Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.) said security measures are being reviewed, including allowing lawmakers to use their personal office budgets to "secure our homes". "We do it for charity", Barton said.

A statement issued by President Donald Trump said the situation was being monitored. "We are deeply saddened by this tragedy".

The Republican team was taking batting practice at Eugene Simpson Stadium Park at about 7 a.m. Wednesday. Sen. By then, Loudermilk said, Hodgkinson had switched from his rifle to a pistol. The photographer "said he thought 'Why in the world is somebody bird-hunting out here at this time?'" Flake said. He thanked him when he said it was the Republicans.

Mullin, who was in D.C. but not at the practice, said reports he's received indicate the shooter, based in part on his social media accounts, was "specifically targeting Republicans".

"I had to walk right past him when I walked past third base from left field". He said if the gunman had come after them in the dugout, "we would have been sitting ducks".

He recounted his colleague Rep. Trent Kelly (R-Miss.) likely being the first person shot at before Scalise was hit in the hip.

Wenstrup "asked me to apply pressure to the wound, and I did that" while Wenstrup worked on cutting away Scalise's baseball trousers, Brooks said.

"The guy's down to a handgun, he dropped his rifle, they shoot him, I go over there, they put him in handcuffs", Conaway said, adding that if the shooter had "gotten inside the fence, where a bunch of guys were holed up in the dugout, it would have been like shooting fish in a barrel".

The practice was for a bipartisan baseball game scheduled for Thursday.

Rep. Steve Scalise, was among those shot in Alexandria, Virginia. His injuries were not believed to be life-threatening.

Scalise as the number three Republican in Congress had a security detail present at the time of the shooting. One of his closest friends remains Rep. Cedric Richmond, a New Orleans Democrat who leads the Congressional Black Caucus and befriended Scalise when the two were both in the state House.

Katie Filous was walking her two dogs near the field when she heard "a lot of shots".

"The heroes are the police officers who" - his voice cracked and he paused to collect himself - "who attacked the shooter, and in doing so, quite probably saved many, many lives", he said.

Just as one of those officers emerged from her auto, Loudermilk said, Hodgkinson shot at her but missed, blowing out the window of a vehicle on the street.

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