Published: Sat, June 17, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

Sony unveils new ''Spider-man'' game at E3 expo

Sony unveils new ''Spider-man'' game at E3 expo

According to Fortune, the tech giant just unveiled a brand new Spider-Man game for its PlayStation video console at the aforementioned event.

Sony did not announce an exact release date for the remake, except to say that it will arrive in 2018. Another criticism by the community was that nearly everything that was announced by Sony is coming in 2018, and there seems to be nearly nothing for the year 2017, which makes you wonder what other AAA exclusive will be heading to the PS4 later this year?

The line-up included the first "Uncharted" game to feature a heroine in place of the "Nathan Drake" hero, a "God of War" sequel with a mighty father-son theme, and a pulse-pounding title starring "Spiderman" of Marvel Comics fame. The real reason is the reveal of the Xbox One X and how Microsoft showcased new games like Anthem, Metro Exodus, The Last Night and more. The game content is the same as the original version, but all the assets are being remade.

Sony released a new trailer for Knack 2, which is set to release on 5 September 2017.

Shadow of the Colossus on PlayStation 4 will release in 2018. The seven minute trailer starts with a chase sequence eventually ending to a hostile camp. The game is now scheduled to release in early 2018. Enter Insomniac, a high-caliber developer that is known for creating Ratchet and Clank, Resistance and most recently Sunset Overdrive.

The new game-play footage lasted around 10 minutes and showed off a variety of elements to the game. "VR experiences on PlayStation are pretty good", he added.

PS4 software sales, led by critically acclaimed titles such as Horizon: Zero Dawn, also remain strong with more than 487.8 million copies sold at retail stores globally and through digital downloads on PlayStationStore as of June 11, 2017.

There's nothing new here other than that Sony is dipping back into their old treasure trove of great IP that came out during the PS2 era in order to sell people old popular games with a new coat of paint.

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