Published: Sun, June 18, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

How To Download And Install iOS 11 Beta Without Developer Account

How To Download And Install iOS 11 Beta Without Developer Account

Usually, Apple only drops support for the oldest iPhone and iPad in a new iOS release, but this time around it is including the iPhone 5c too. Now, developer preview testers are highlighting new features that they have stumbled upon while using unstable iOS 11.

Other hardware announced included a new iMac Pro that will be released in December, and substantial updates to the iPad, laptop and desktop ranges.

Reports suggest that Apple will incorporate a feature in iOS 11 which will allow iPhone users to exchange password simply by approving a nearby phone and sending them the password.

A developer beta version of iOS 11 was released yesterday. It will be available for all models of the iPad Air and iPad Pro, as well as for the iPhone 5s and up, 5th-generation iPad, 6th-generation iPod touch, and iPad mini 2 and up.

Since we're setting you up for iOS 11 beta access, be sure to click iOS on the page.

- iOS 11 will support augmented reality (AR) applications. When the iPhone is brought closer to the connected iPad (without even touching it), a prompt will indicate on the iPad that an iPhone wants to connect to the WiFi network.

"Reinstall the app will place back your data, if the app is still available in the App Store", Apple notes.

Until now, third parties have not been able to use the tech on the iPhone.

- Siri now a more natural tone of voice than before, and it can be used for translations from English.

The OS update also gives users the option to manually decide which apps to offload.

The company sometimes uses WWDC to announce new products, as it did last night when it introduced the HomePod, (a smart home speaker introduced by Apple under the guise of "reinventing home music"), which is Apple's answer to the Amazon Echo or Google Home. While manufacturing has been said to be delayed because of supply issues, mass production of the new iPhones has now started, Latvian designer Benjamin Geskin noted in a tweet yesterday.

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