Published: Mon, June 19, 2017
Culture | By Stewart Greene

Spider-Man Producer Calls Venom, Silver and Black 'Adjunct' to Homecoming

Spider-Man Producer Calls Venom, Silver and Black 'Adjunct' to Homecoming

This was confirmed by both Kevin Feige and Spider-Man: Homecoming director, Jon Watts.

Confused about the continuity about Sony's upcoming Spider-Man spin-offs like the Venom and Black Cat and Sable movies? Here's hoping Holland is involved because periphery characters from Spider-Man's universe getting their own movies without any involvement from the man himself. As in, don't expect to see Tom Hardy's Venom in any Avengers film, but Spider-Man might show up in Sony's Venom film. But before that moment, he looks a little on edge, perhaps not entirely sure what Amy Pascal is talking about.

Fans have been furiously arguing ever since it was announced that Sony was moving forward with their Venom spinoff movie since the assumption was that it will take place outside of the established MCU.

In the past, Pascal casted doubt over Spider-Man's longterm placement in the MCU when the Sony producer spoke with Collider. Especially since the assumption was that they would take place outside of the established MCU. I mean, they will be adjuncts to it, there may be different locations, but it will still all be in the same world and they will be connected to each other. Which is, uh, confusing. This means that Venom could potentially mention Tom Holland's Spider-Man, but could never allude to the existence of Tony Stark.

Tom explained: "Yes, there is what we call the arc of the character".

Some appear to like the idea of Marvel taking a crack at the X-Men and the studio even reportedly has contingency plans in place for if and when they manage to acquire the rights. During an interview, she appeared to imply Sony's deal with Marvel Studios will run up following the Homecoming sequel unless renegotiations were entered into.

In case you missed it, Marvel's Spider-Man teased Miles Morales during the game's E3 2017 demo, following which fans flocked to Twitter to quiz Insomniac Games about his involvement.

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