Published: Mon, June 19, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

The Microsoft Surface Laptop Is Unfixable

Microsoft recently launched the #Surface #Laptop and the new Surface Pro. iFixit has taken up the #Surface laptop and attempted to disassemble the device to check its repairability. As iFixit recently discovered, if something inside the portable PC goes bang, you'll nearly certainly have to get a complete new one. According to reports, iFixit has taken its ability in a teardown to discover and dismantle just how hard it is to fix both devices and has also documented the process. The reasons for such low scores, as it turned out, a lot, and the first of them is the lack of a full SSD, which was replaced by a soldered on the system Board drive, so replace it in case of failure or upgrade would be impossible. And while Microsoft has previously marketed it as "the tablet that can replace your laptop", the Surface Pro now carries the tagline of "the most versatile laptop in the world". It's a glue-filled monstrosity. But either of those common repairs will result in the Surface laptop visiting a recycling plant or, worse, being destroyed so no data is accessible and then dumped into landfill.

Verdict: The Surface Laptop is not a laptop.

The headphone jack, while modular, can only be accessed by removing the heat sink, fan, display, and motherboard. You might be OK with having to decide certain performance specs up front but I'd be particularly annoyed that the battery replacement is "difficult and unsafe", as this is a laptop that Panos Pannay said would be give good service for a student throughout the whole of their university studies. The iFixit folks spent most of their time with a Stanley knife, tweezers and guitar pick in hand, rather than a Torx or Phillips-head.

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