Published: Mon, June 19, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Ellis Neal

Xbox One X: Microsoft Has Nothing to Justify the $499 Price Tag

Xbox One X: Microsoft Has Nothing to Justify the $499 Price Tag

With 326GB/sec memory bandwidth, game graphics, Microsoft claims, will be faster and more detailed. Most people do agree, however, that "Xbox One X" is a awful name - sticking with Scorpio would have been better. Notably, Microsoft's anticipated Crackdown 3 will launch alongside the X.

Besides bringing backward compatibility for original Xbox games to Xbox One, Spencer has also expressed interest in doing something similar on PC.

The publication site notes that head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, explained there are two main reasons why the original Xbox compatibility program won't support as many games as the current Xbox 360 program. However, of all the games showcased at the press conference, only a handful of them are Xbox One exclusives and Xbox One users are wondering if there are any more exclusives in the works.

But Penello also argues that having PC-style power tiers for consoles doesn't mean games targeting the One X will be held back by the existence of lower-powered alternatives. Xbox One X makes your existing library even better, with better textures, smoother framerates and faster load times, even on a 1080p TV. The question at hand was, "Will the backward compatible original Xbox games come with achievements, even though achievements were introduced on the 360?".

Plus, Microsoft confirmed how select titles will be updated to take advantage of the X's extra horsepower.

Pre-ordering a console is a little bit different than putting down $60 ($47.99 if you're an Amazon Prime or Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked member) for a game.

The Xbox One X is built for the mature gamer, the player that dives into their gaming lifestyle with swagger and shows off their fancy new toys.

Microsoft is pretty certain there's a good market for its new Xbox One X game machine, despite its high price point. The Xbox One X even features a highly optimized power mode that scales the power needs on a hardware level called the Hovis Method. So when I started considering which console to get my boys, my obvious pick was something that would share games between PC and console.

Xbox One X had been announced at E3 2017 and we got to see the raw performance of the beast. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. The One S comes in white variant only, meanwhile, more likely the One X will be available in black only for the time being.

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