Published: Wed, June 21, 2017
Business | By Max Garcia

Iraqi premier on anti-terror outreach to Saudi Arabia, Iran

The UAE minister revealed that list of charges against Qatar will be completed in the next coming days. "Qatar will realise that this is a new state of affairs and isolation can last years", Gargash said.

"No one is in a position to impose regime change on this country, our system here is based on consensus between the people and the ruler".

He called for countries like the United States, France, Germany and Britain to help monitor any agreement reached with Qatar to ensure they are not cooperating with jihadists.

"But what we have seen until now, there is no solid ground for these demands, that s why they didn t submit their demands yet".

Anything that relates to the affairs of the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council is subject to negotiation, he said, referring to the body comprising Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman. The Al-Udeid base, the largest U.S. base in the region, is a key launching pad for military strikes on the Islamic State jihadist group. "We are starting to see unsafe spillovers already both in the broader region but also in Africa and in Asia, there are worrying signals", she said in Luxembourg.

Together, we've gone far.

The UAE minister added that Turkey's interest resides in adopting a position in line with the measures taken by Qatar's opponents.

Qatar says the sanctions have also brought personal hardship for its citizens who live in neighbouring countries or have relatives there.

The media report did not say when or where the Minster allegedly made those remarks, and quoted Saudi Arabia as saying "this statement signifies Malta's stand on the issue at hand and would not entertain anyone supporting terrorism indirectly by supporting Qatar".

"It is unfortunate that our neighbors have chosen to invest their time and resources in a baseless propaganda campaign", Sheikh Saif Bin Ahmed al-Thani, director of Qatar's Government Communications Office, said in a statement on Monday, calling the terrorism accusations a "publicity stunt".

The QFC licenses foreign companies to exempt them from the Gulf state's local ownership laws.

On Sunday, an unspecified number of soldiers arrived at Tariq Bin Ziyad military base, where around 100 had already been deployed for joint military exercises. According to the channel, exercises were planned long ago and aimed at strengthening the defence capabilities of both countries and the intensification of efforts to combat armed groups and to maintain stability in the region.

Al Jazeera, which is blocked in the UAE, reportedly aired footage of a column of Turkish armoured vehicles moving through the streets.

Qatar denies the coalition's allegations that it supports terrorist groups and Iran, and has accused Saudi Arabia of seeking to dominate smaller states in the energy-rich region.

Qatar held war games with Turkish troops on Monday, showing off one of its strong alliances after two weeks of unprecedented isolation.

Iran has also sent several cargo planes of food to Qatar and plans to provide 100 tonnes of fruit and vegetables every day amid concerns of shortages. Shortly after Saudi Arabia, the U.A.E., Bahrain and Egypt severed diplomatic, transport and trade links, President Donald Trump offered to have him try to broker a solution.

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