Published: Wed, June 21, 2017
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Jurors hear Cosby's side of alleged sexual assault for first time

Jurors hear Cosby's side of alleged sexual assault for first time

But he insisted that he had never given anyone pills without their knowledge and consent. "But my apology was, my God, I'm in trouble with these people because this is an old man and their young daughter", Cosby, who is 36 years older than Constand, reportedly said.

Prosecutors rested their case Friday after five days of testimony.

Defense lawyers have been barred from discussing Constand's on-again, off-again relationship with a woman around the time she accused Cosby of sexually assaulting her at his home in Cheltenham. Those incidents occurred in jurisdictions where the statute of limitations on criminal proceedings has expired.

Cosby didn't respond when The Associated Press asked if he'll take the stand in his own defence. But Cosby spokesman Andrew Wyatt hinted Friday that his boss might be changing his mind. And I don't feel her say anything.

Kicking off Day 5 of Cosby's trial this morning, District Attorney Kevin Steele walked Detective Reape through the portion of Cosby's deposition where he talks about being confronted on the phone by Constand's mother.

Constand arrived to the Montgomery County Courthouse on Tuesday.

At one point on Friday, Cosby and others in the courtroom broke into laughter as a Pennsylvania detective struggled to pronounce the name of a medication that'd been tested in the case.

"Where does he practice?"

Andrea Constand has said Bill Cosby drugged and assaulted her in 2004 while she was working for Temple University's women's basketball team.

In his deposition, Cosby also said he did not believe Constand and her mother were after "hush money", and said he'd always viewed her as a truthful person.

Bill Cosby apologized to the mother of one of his alleged victims, fearing she might consider him a "dirty old man", according to a 2005 deposition revealed Friday at his sexual assault trial.

"What am I hoping to get [by speaking to the Constand women by phone] if I'm guilty of drugging somebody?" he said in the deposition.

"He was a Temple friend, somebody I trusted, a mentor and somewhat of an older figure to me", Ms. Constand testified.

"Afterward, Constand said, 'I felt really humiliated and I felt really confused'".

When the deposition first became public in 2015 after media reports, Cosby's representatives dismissed the Quaalude admissions as artifacts of the wild 1970s, with no relevance to the Constand allegations.

He claims the sexual encounter with Andrea Constand was consensual.

Under a Pennsylvania law enacted after the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse case, prosecutors are allowed to use an expert to explain victim behavior in sexual assault cases. "What are they going to do if I tell them?"

"Sometimes victims just want to forget about it, get through it and pretend it didn't happen for as long as they can".

About five dozen women have come forward to say Cosby sexually violated them, but the statute of limitations for prosecution had run out in almost every case.

Cosby lawyer Brian McMonagle showed jurors a Facebook post after Cosby's case was bound over for trial in which Valliere wrote, "Victory!" Although Valliere admitted to writing them, the judge ultimately refused the request for a dismissal.

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