Published: Wed, June 21, 2017
Business | By Max Garcia

Murphy, Democrats Hunting For Republican Health Care Bill

Republican critics say that is exactly what Democrats did when they had congressional majorities and passed Obamacare, but Durbin says that is not true.

Donald Trump has made another admission behind closed doors about the health care initiative he and his party strongly back.

Trump's possible ignorance of the text of that bill mirrors that of a number of Republican senators, who have not yet been shown copies of the draft, which was worked on in secret by a baker's dozen of their colleagues. As of Tuesday morning, key rank-and-file Senate Republicans have still not gotten official word on the timing of a vote.

The encouraging omen for everyone outside of the 17%-23% who support this bill is that the passage of Trumpcare through the Senate is far from a done deal.

Spicer said that instead of pointing fingers at Republican lawmakers, Democrats should look closer to home. So I think you're going to wind up with what you had in the House bill-about 20 percent of the public's going to think it's a good idea.

Heading into their regular lunches, GOP senators had few new details to provide reporters on their efforts to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, despite reports that leadership was aiming for a vote by June 30. "So the first step in this may be crafted among a small group of people, but then everyone's going to get to weigh in".

Senate GOP leaders told reporters that they should be ready on Thursday to publicly release a revised plan to overhaul the Obama health law, even as some Republican Senators acknowledged their concern about the development of the bill, which has taken place behind closed doors and with no public hearings.

GOP leaders have been sharing their policy options with the Congressional Budget Office, and are optimistic that the nonpartisan analysts will be able to complete a cost estimate by early next week, Sen.

"We need to get something done soon because we know the insurance companies are going to the states to get their 2018 rates approved", Sen. They unanimously oppose the GOP bill but lack the votes to defeat it.

During late night debate Monday into Tuesday, Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer of NY asked McConnell if the healthcare bill would be available to the party and the public more than 10 hours before a vote is taken on it, according to C-Span coverage. Mike Lee says he hasn't seen the AHCA bill.

There's a reason for that: a lot of them probably haven't seen their health bill. Paul did not sound on Tuesday like he was prepared to vote for the bill. We don't care how long we have to stand up here. And at a private meeting with senators recently, Trump called the version that passed the House "mean".

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