Published: Wed, June 21, 2017
U.S. | By Eddie Scott

Trump gives up on Chinese help on reining in North Korea

No cause of death has been determined for Warmbier, who was detained for almost a year-and-a-half in North Korea before being sent home in a coma last week. Whether that treatment included rotten food, risky pharmaceuticals and neglectful medical treatment, or brutal beatings that finally put Warmbier into a coma, North Korea is responsible for Warmbier's death. "It's worth a forceful response". The regime has missiles that can reach Japan, and reportedly is not far from being able to strike the continental U.S. North Korea is also already exporting terror in less explosive ways.

Washington has one threat it can use with Beijing: The possibility of "secondary" sanctions that go after Chinese companies doing business in North Korea.

Sentenced to hard labor for stealing a political poster from a North Korean hotel, the 22-year-old Warmbier was medically evacuated in a coma last week after almost 18 months in captivity.

Preliminary findings from the autopsy of a University of Virginia student who was held prisoner in North Korea for 17 months are due to be released, the office of the OH coroner performing the examination says. During the meeting, Washington learned of Warmbier's condition.

The Hamilton County Coroner's Office was still conferring with doctors at a Cincinnati hospital who were treating Otto Warmbier, 22, before reaching any conclusions about his death a day earlier, investigator Daryl Zornes said.

Though doctors said there were no signs of abuse, his brain injury was typical of a cardiac arrest that caused the brain to be denied oxygen.

A ban on Americans visiting North Korea would only slightly add to Pyongyang's isolation and loss of revenue.

"During my campaign, I never mentioned the downsizing or adjusting of the Korea-U.S. combined military exercises", the president said.

Otto Warmbier died Monday, relatives said in a statement.

In a part of the interview with CBS aired earlier, the South Korean president stressed a need to add dialogue to options for dealing with North Korea, noting now there only existed sanctions and pressure.

Under their proposal, the Treasury Department would be ordered to prohibit all financial transactions related to travel to North Korea by Americans, unless specifically authorized by a USA license. "And obviously, we hope that those discussions with China are productive and continue to move us forward", he said.

USA officials are calling for a binding code of conduct to resolve differences. He did not say what his plans are for North Korea now.

Kim Jong-un's regime claims the hapless tourist fell ill shortly after his show trial.

Outrage in the United States means that more pressure, not dialogue, is the more likely course. The US has demanded North Korea release three other US citizens it holds in detention: missionary Kim Dong Chul and academics Tony Kim and Kim Hak Song.

President Moon Jae-in talks to CBS This Morning at Cheong Wa Dae in Seoul on Tuesday. Warmbier's death could make it even harder, although some analysts think Moon could offer talks with the North as a way to get other detainees out of North Korea.

The Warmbier family announced Tuesday that the 22-year-old will be laid to rest Thursday morning in OH, as Republican and Democratic lawmakers decried his treatment by Pyongyang and floated the idea of banning American travel to North Korea as a first step. Still, opponents will question whether such negotiations may give the North more time to expand its nuclear weapons program.

China hit back at President Donald Trump on Wednesday, saying its efforts on North Korea have been "indispensable".

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